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Celebrating Resilience

The 2022 Festival theme, Celebrating Resilience, is about our collective ability, as a community and as a human race, to recover from the challenges and devastation left behind by COVID-19. Food and wine lives at the heart of every city, town and village across the world, and it is our industry professionals that keep this heart beating through extraordinary circumstances.

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Taste Our Love for Hawaiʻi, Episode 2: In and On the Ocean

“Taste Our Love for Hawaii” is part of Hashi Media, the digital platform of curated culinary stories that feature the global network of the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival. This platform is about bridging food and culture. It has been a passion project of mine; I’ve always been interested in my heritage and cultures from around the world. Food means something to everyone whether they know it or not. It is a way that connects us because it shows up every day and is as a part of our identity.

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Taste Our Love for Hawaiʻi

It has always been our dream to capture and share the hundreds of unique food and culture stories behind the talent—chefs, winemakers, mixologist, and producers—of the Hawaiʻi Food & Wine Festival. Our first magazine publication, Hashi, debuted with the 2019 Festival, followed by our digital platform, which launched in 2020. While we were able to capture stories through these opportunities, as well as some short form videos we produced over the years, nothing compares to the original series we debut this month.

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We’re Ready – Let the Good Times Roll

As Hawaii opens its doors for transpacific travel this week, Hawaii Food & Wine Festival also prepares for three weeks of hybrid Festival events in November to support our restaurant and hospitality industries. While our events will look and feel different from years past, they will be conducted in the same spirit to uplift and put a spotlight on Hawaii as a culinary destination featuring local and national celebrity chefs cooking with our local agricultural and seafood products.

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As Hawaii Food & Wine Festival marks its tenth year and we birth Hashi, our new digital platform, I want to thank all of you for your continued support. From the very beginning, it was always a vision and dream to bring our attendees and followers more than just an experience and a great time through our events. For me, the journey has always been about creating meaningful experiences that invoke thought-provoking conversations over food to bring about
CHANGE. With the coronavirus pandemic and racial discord in our nation among some of the most pressing issues facing us today, we hope Hashi will inspire you with stories from our Festival community so that we can find solutions to make our world a better place.

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