The vision for was to create fun, interesting and easily digestible stories about food and culture. This month, we introduce you to our @Hashilife Instagram (Social Media) Personas who are the storytellers, architects and creators of snippets of #tips, #hacks and #recommendations on things they know best and/or are best known for. Their stories, posts, reels, etc., are based on real life personal experiences and curiosities. We hope you will follow us to learn what we are passionate about — the latest and greatest wines, restaurants, baby food hacks, recipes and ingredients.

Introducing @goddessofwine808@riceinparadise, @hungryhearthi, @kumucassidy and @foodbabyhi:

@goddessofwine808, aka Denise Yamaguchi (me), is the goddess of wine because the name Denise is the French female version of the name Dionysus, the god of grape-harvest, winemaking and wine. @goddessofwine808 enjoys visiting destinations known for great food and wine. Her mantra is, “A Wine a Day Keeps the Whine Away” and practices wine every day. She is fascinated by the vast wine selections of the world. Because she knows price does not always equal quality, she is in hot pursuit of the best affordably priced wines under $20. Her wine rating system often reads like a single woman talking to her friends about her last date. Find out what she thinks of the supermarket wines she reviews…are they a one-night stand, one that she’ll introduce to her parents or one that will end in a happy marriage.

@riceinparadise, aka Michelle Rice, is a malihini who shares her food adventures as she navigates her way through Hawaii’s vast array of new and traditional flavors. Crack seed, ube, plate lunches with gravy all over are some of the new finds this explorer seeks as she works explores the islands in her new homeland of Hawaii. Breaking away from the comforts of her Southern palate, she dives into dishes with an open mind to try local staples such as poi, laulau and other delicacies from immigrant ethnic groups such as adobo, jap chae, natto, etc. The name Rice in Paradise describes this explorers love for trying new foods, drinks and flavors that will have her either cheering or jeering.


@hungryhearthi, aka Colleen Teramae, is a mom with a big appetite for finding the newest and coolest dining places for families with children of all ages. She, herself, loves to eat and drink, and gives an honest review on eateries around town and gives them “hearts” based on their family friendliness or not-so-family friendliness environment. Keiki menus, highchairs, booster seats, etc., get more hearts and hugs from this hungry momma. Follow her as she takes her family and you on her quest to find the best kid-friendly food and places to dine (and drinks, too!).


@kumucassidy, aka Cassidy Apo, is a local who was born and raised in Hawaii. Being of native Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese and Filipino ancestry, she seeks the best local foods that remind her of the backyard potlucks where her aunties and uncles brought a smorgasbord of lumpia, garlic chicken, teri beef steak, haupia and more. Because kumu means teacher in Hawaiian, this sistah will teach you everything you will want to know about Hawaii through food, as well as how to eat, act and cook like a local. Follow her as she finds “herself” through food.


@foodbabyhi, aka Aya Leslie, is a new mom who make life with Baby Grey as easy peasy as possible, especially when it comes to food. Parenting can be tough but eating together shouldn’t be. A food lover herself, @foodbabyhi shares mom-tested and Baby Grey-approved #momhacks and tips for parents who struggle to get their kids to eat real food, especially vegetables. Learn how this mom has her three-year old eating ikura, poi, dried smoked fish and just about anything healthy you can think of. Seems impossible, but @foodbabyhi will show you just how easy it is to get your child beyond eating cereal.

You can find @goddessofwine808@riceinparadise, @hungryhearthi, @kumucassidy and @foodbabyhi on and @Instagram. Eating and drinking should be fun! We look forward to seeing you and sharing your comments with us.