Originally published in the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival 2017 program.

Photo: courtesy of Sherry Yard

Sherry Yard

Los Angeles, CA
Pastry Chef: Tuck Hospitality Group

Participating Event: Hawaiian Airlines Presents Uncorked, November 3

How many times have you participated in the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival?

This will be my fourth time.

Name three things that you associate with Hawaii.

Hospitality, rainbows, and great fruit!

Which local restaurants are on your list of Hawaii hotspots and why?

In 2015, Chris Kajioka and I teamed up for Battle of the Brunch – I’d love to visit him and check out his restaurant, Senia.

Which local ingredients excite you?

Salt, pineapples, and lobsters.

Best way to spend a day in paradise?

On a boat!

Best beverage or cocktail choice to enjoy at sunset?

Glass of champagne.

What’s your favorite culinary pairing?

Champagne and smoked salmon.

Fill in the blank. Everything’s better with ________________.


True or False? I love social media.


What’s your must-have souvenir to take home from Hawaii?