Originally published in the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival 2017 program.

Photo: courtesy of Serge Dansereau

Serge Dansereau

Sydney, Australia
Chef: The Bather’s Pavilion

Participating Event: Saks Fifth Avenue Presents Halekulani Culinary Masters Gala, November 5

How many times have you participated in the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival?

This will be my first time.

Name three things that you associate with Hawaii.

Stunning vacation, beaches, and vibrant food and drinks.

Which local restaurants are on your list of Hawairei hotspots and why?

I went to Merriman’s on a previous visit and loved it, and after my visit to the Halekulani, I would return gladly to any of their restaurants.

Which local ingredients excite you?

Yellow fin tuna, coconut, and pineapple. These ingredients have inspired three of my best dishes.

Best way to spend a day in paradise?

Finding a small beach in Maui and swimming in the warm ocean.

Best beverage or cocktail choice to enjoy at sunset?

Mai Tai, of course!

What’s your favorite culinary pairing?

Tuna, avocado, and ginger

Fill in the blank. Everything’s better with ________________.

A dash of lime and a sprinkle of mint.

True or False? I love social media.

I love social media. Hmm… I am learning!

What’s your must-have souvenir to take home from Hawaii?

The memories…