Originally published in the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival 2017 program.

Photo: Orlando Benedicto/Hawaii Food & Wine Festival, 2016

Masaharu Morimoto

Wailea, HI
Chef: Morimoto Maui

Participating Event: Global Street Food, October 21, 2017

How many times have you participated in the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival?

I’ve participated in all of them.

Name three things that you associate with Hawaii.

Golf, Rainbow, and Hawaiian Kampachi.

Which local restaurants are on your list of Hawaii hotspots and why?

New restaurants at International Market Place. I think they’re worth noting.

Which local ingredients excite you?

Hawaiian Kampachi and Awabi (abalone.)

Best way to spend a day in paradise?

Empty my mind and relax at my balcony. I wish I could shut off my phone and emails too…

Best beverage or cocktail choice to enjoy at sunset?

It depends more on who you drink with rather than what you drink.

What’s your favorite culinary pairing?

Japanese food and sake.

Fill in the blank. Everything’s better with _______.

Health and peace.

True or False? I love social media.

Between two extremes, I choose False. But in reality, I don’t really mind it or care for it.

What’s your must-have souvenir to take home from Hawaii?

I travel so often that I don’t get souvenirs.