Photo: courtesy of ThinkTech Hawaii

“When I look at successful people, they know how to take adversity, process it and move on”

-Denise Yamaguchi

Hashi publisher and editorial director Denise Yamaguchi speaks on the subject of leadership as a guest of “Beyond the Lines” by ThinkTech Hawaii. The host for this episode is Rusty Komori, who previously coached the varsity boy’s tennis team at Punahou School, leading them to 22 state championships. He also authored two books, “Beyond the Lines” and “Beyond the Game,” on the topics of leadership and character.

“Denise is a strong and effective leader who goes ‘Beyond The Lines’ in making a tremendous positive impact in our community,” said Komori. “The popularity and growth of the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival is a great example of her superior standard of excellence.”

Watch the interview to hear Yamaguchi speak about the huge growth to-date and the goals she has for the Hawaii Food & Wine Festival, as well as the Hawaii Agricultural Foundation. Yamaguchi credits her time spent working for the office of Hawaii State Senator Daniel Inouye to learning discipline, humility and understanding the importance of compromise and friendship in business and legislation.

Komori and Yamaguchi discuss the recipe for success. “When I look at successful people, they know how to take adversity, process it and move on,” said Yamaguchi. “Change is going to happen — good and bad… It’s how you take that change and you’re able to move forward.”

ThinkTech streams live online via, Olelo Community TV, and their channels on YouTube and Vimeo. The organization is a Hawaii nonprofit corporation dedicated to raising public awareness and providing a platform for civic engagement.